The Flowering                     Woman                           A film by Usama Alshaibi

Terror Tales                         Fiance                             A film by Jimmy Lee Combs

Take Out The Trash            Lead                               A film by Luke Bauer

Tidelike                                Maddie                           A film by Hayley Zalkin

Emulsify                               Virginia                         A film by Daniel Peaslee

Sweet Tooth                         Lead                               A film by Darrian Walls

Paradox                              Wolf                                A film by Nicole Raven

Waterlogged                        Girl                                A film by Kate Chambers

Stellar Death March          Casting Director           A film by Kate Chambers

Futures                                 Lead                              A film by Meagan Dawdy



Spring Awakening                   Martha                           Directing Scenes, University of Colorado

Reality Show                             Faith                               CU Fringe Festival 2013

Supernatural                             Ensemble                       The Musical CU Fringe Festival 2013

Burlesque Show                       Ensemble                       CU Fringe Festival 2013

Training & Workshops

Acting 1: Lori Lee Wallace                                          University of Colorado, Boulder

Acting 2: Tamara Meneghini-Stalker                        University of Colorado, Boulder

Improvisation: Camden Johnson                                University of Colorado, Boulder

Audition Techniques: Chip Persons                            University of Colorado, Boulder



Umbrella Improvisation Initiative member since January 2012

Workshops: Mission Improvable Spring 2012





  • Former singer in CU Boulder’s On The Rocks all women’s cappella group; voice: Alto/Bass

  • Yoga

  • Intermediate Ballet

  • Water Sports fanatic; former rower on the University of Colorado crew team and waterskier